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setup guide

Unlike regular digital printing, risograph printing lays colours on separately, similarily to screen printing. In fact risograph printers are often described as a cross between a regular photocopier and a screenprinting process. Unlike screenprinting however riso printers are great at picking up subtle tones and are fast at producing prints.

Due to the nature of the inks which are slightly transparent, layering of colours can result in new colours and add extra depth to your image. 

Using soy ink and banana paper to create masters makes riso a more eco-responsible way to print.

Registration is not always 100% accurate so some allowance should be given to layers being up to a couple millimetres is off registration.

Your image is built up in layers and so artwork must be provided separated into the desired layers. It's best to send them as .jpgs or .psd files with separate layers.

While we have seven colours to choose from. Due to transparency of ink, layering leads to extra colours and varieties of tone.

Full pages of flat colour are difficult to create with risograph printing and it's suggested they should be taken down to around 70% density 

We have a range of paper on offer but if you want something in particular, drop us an email and we can try and source it for you or we can use paper you already have if it's suitable.

If you're interested in getting a print made, something designed or a collaboration, email us on: sarah4gutterpress@gmail.com

We have 7 colours 

Orange    Teal    Medium Blue    Flat Gold    Fluro Pink    Black    Red

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