We Print

We can print for you on our risograph printer of dreams. Each colour is printed separately and layered to create the final artwork. Our risograph printing run is on a Wednesday but we are open every day designing and creating so drop us an email.


We have 7 riso inks

Teal, Orange, Fluro Pink,
Medium Blue, Black, Red
and Flat Gold. Each colour can printed

from 15 to 100% density and overlapping leads to new exciting colours.

File Format

Please send your files in separate layers as pdf or jpg, naming the file as the colour you would like it. Or as a psd. file with named layers in the file. We can also scan original artwork if needed.


We use uncoated recycled paper stock
from 80gms to 250gms thick. We tend
to have white and off white in stock but 
coloured paper can be ordered in.

More eco-responsible

Our printer uses soy ink to print
and banana paper to burn
the masters, making it a more
environmentally friendly
way to print.


We can print up to A3 in size and
we can cut down to specific
sizes for you. We can also bind and fold depending on your requirements.

How It Works

Risograph printers are like a cross
between a photocopier and a
screenprinting technique. A copy
of your design is burnt onto 
master paper which is then
used to pass ink through, one
colour at a time.

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